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Vrushali Vaibhav Chavan

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Programme Manager

Vrushali is Program Director overseeing the Core Development team in India supporting startups. She is a seasoned Programme Manager with over 16 years experience and a successful track record across multiple industries focusing on Operations Management, Project Management, Program Operations, Process Coordination, key account Management & E-Commerce. 


In recent years Vrushali has demonstrated a very strong apt for managing FinTech and Regtech Programmes employing her strong interpersonal and management skills to turn around complex FinTech programmes from critical to success path within a very short time frame. 


Vrushali is pivotal to a number of  high profile projects in Ecovdam’s consultancy division, executing her projects in a structured way and quickly identifying critical steps the project needs to consider in order to succeed. She thrives in complex project environments & finds the right solutions and know-how to handle challenges with her experience. Also Inspiring the identification of hidden opportunities and the development of innovative solutions by collaborating with key stakeholders, large cross-functional teams and third-party vendors both on and offshore to deliver projects. Coaching, Mentoring & building multi-skilled teams, encouraging a collective mindset to ensure we're all striving for the same vision and open to new ideas.


She believes that nothing will work for you if you don't believe in it. And more importantly, nothing will work if you don't believe in yourself.

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