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Risk Assessment


We recognise that product development is inherently difficult to predict and plan. There are intangible elements, and a wider stakeholder needs to be met. This combination of factors can create a number of risks that need to be considered and managed from the outset of a software project.
At Ecovdam we focus on safeguarding your business by considering and evaluating various risks in the current climate whilst future-proofing.

Client 7

Management Risk

Client 8

Stage of Business Risk

Client 2

Legislation/Political Risk

Client 3

Manufacturing Risk

Client 5

Sales and Marketing Risk

Client 6

Funding/Capital Raising Risk

Client 4

Competition Risk

Client 1

Technological Risk

Client 7

Litigation Risk

Client 8

International Risk

Client 2

Reputation Risk

Client 3

Potential Lucrative Risk

Are you interested in understanding what your business risk looks like for the future?

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