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Tim Seears

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Serial entrepreneur, former Nasa Researcher and Technologist Tim co-founded Big Data Partnership in 2012, the highly successful European and worldwide market leader in data science & big data enterprise software delivering advanced analytics solutions to FTSE 100/Fortune 500 clients around the world across a broad variety of industries including Retail, Financial Services and Central Government. Under, Tim’s leadership as CTO three rounds of venture capital were raised before acquisition by Teradata, Inc in the US.  


Transitioning to Teradata’s strategic transformation leadership team, Tim went on to launch and scale Think Big Analytics (APAC) under the Teradata group of companies, building a new market-leading professional services firm across the Asia-Pacific region spanning 10 countries including emerging markets, where he operated as CEO for the region, before helping restructure the group to integrate Think Big with Teradata Consulting.


Tim remains a deep technology subject matter expert, having built his career as a thought leader in the growth of fields including AI, machine learning, data science and big data analytics.  Tim has worked in executive roles at several startups and currently volunteers at the Founder Institute as a Global Mentor where he mentors hundreds of early-stage Founders on topics including strategic planning, execution, operations, capital raising and technology decisions, as well as being a Board Advisor to several successful start-ups and active Angel investor in early-stage startups.  

Tim is highly passionate about the power of entrepreneurship to change the world for the better and supporting minority groups and anyone on a mission to improve the world to become successful Founders.

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