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Kimberley Mosley

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Senior Advisor

As the President & CEO of the Silicon Valley-based Los Altos Chamber of Commerce, Kimberly leads The Silicon Valley Trade Initiative in the U.A.E. This organization is designed to connect visionary Emirati leadership with the Silicon Valley's most innovative technology executives to build business and cultural relationships between our unique communities.


This initiative values diversity by fostering futuristic innovation, and cultural exchange. This multi-year strategy is bringing diverse delegations of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, elected officials, educators, healthcare leaders, and community members to cultivate lasting relationships with our partners in the UAE. The Silicon Valley is renowned for its exceptional culture of innovation, and Kimberly is bringing that technology to the UAE through small companies with diverse leadership.


As the President & CEO of the Silicon Valley--Los Altos Chamber of Commerce since 2019, Kimberly has successfully led her community through the unprecedented shutdowns and economic crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Kimberly’s genuine, collaborative nature as a problem-solving strategist gives her a unique understanding of the key issues. She is well-connected and has developed outstanding relationships with both CEOs and elected officials representing the Silicon Valley at the highest levels of government.


Kimberly holds a B.A. in Political Science from a liberal arts institution--Bethany College, and a professional Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Kansas School of Architecture  She is pursuing Change Management studies as a part of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business LEAD Program. 

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