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Anurag Kumar

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Anurag is a M&A professional with 6 years' experience in Deal Financial Due Diligence. 

His Work Experience expands across the following areas of expertise:

  • Working as a Senior Consultant in Deal Advisory

  • Working closely and effectively with key stakeholders and understanding the business processes across industries to derive the true earning potential of a company.

  • Assisting corporate and PE clients in financial and accounting due diligence across industries like media and telecommunication, retail, FMCG, TMT, and education, amongst others.  

  • Reviewing sell-side diligence reports and confidential information memorandums. 

  • Conducting financial analysis and identifying key deal issues.

  • Working on the identification of optimal level of working capital, normalised earnings and debt in a business which further helps the target and investment bankers to negotiate on the purchase consideration.

  • Conducting analysis of financial and operational metrics of target companies and preparing due diligence reports. Key analysis undertaken includes:

    • Business seasonality study, synergy/sensitivity analysis, quality of earnings and net assets, cash flows, working capital analysis, understanding key business contracts and their economic impact on transaction value.

  • Main engagements:

    • Buy side engagement of a company in the education industry with more than 20 subsidiaries of the parent company

    • Buy-side engagement with target engaged in SaaS industry providing software support to paediatric companies

    • Sell-side engagement of a company in logistics and food distribution industry with multiple subsidiaries across various countries.

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